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Monday, September 06, 2004 


I concur with these results: BBC News

I don't actually remember what made me want to be a scientist when I was little. I just always wanted to since I could remember. Maybe countless hours of watching these two on Sesame Street laid the subconscious groundwork??

I noticed there was no Professor Frink on the list, which has me greatly concerned about the popularity of The Simpsons in England, but maybe he wasn't on there because he's not referred to as "Dr. Frink."

Frink: You've got to listen to me. Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and the kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving.
Scientist: How much time do we have professor?
Frink: Well according to my calculations, the robots won't go berserk for at least 24 hours.
(The robots go berserk.)
Frink: Oh, I forgot to er, carry the one.

Anyhooooo, back from a wonderful weekend in North Carolina. Good times, bopping around there one last time. Also gave the fish tank away to my best friend's mother, so feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Emotionally and physically I guess!

12 days and 18 hours..........

Stuart at autoblography.co.uk said:

Enjoy those days!

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