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Friday, September 03, 2004 

A Sign That

Moving overseas might not be for you: after taking your fish to a pet store to be donated so that they can find new homes, the guy working there just snatches the bucket and takes them to the back before you can say "goodbye" you suddenly burst into tears!

It was all so irrational, I mean, how do you say "goodbye" to a fish anyway? Talk to it? Hug it one last time? Shake its hand? I guess it all just happened so fast and I was rushing all day and then I rushed in there and he just took the bucket! But really, what else was he supposed to do? I stood there in the middle of the store with tears streaming down my face, so pathetic.

A mom says to her kid, "Oh, that lady's sad because she had to give away her fish." And the kid gives me a look that clearly states, "What .... the..... fuck....." Even he knew I was a nutjob.

I sniffled my way back to the back room and barged in to see them and they had put them in a different bucket and were admiring them, so that was cool.

I went back the next day to drop off some other stuff and checked for my fish in the store tanks and found some so that made me feel better, to see them swimming around again. Then I saw my tri-color shark was on sale for $50!! Damn! A guy working there told me he'd never seen one that big in his whole life. Those little bastards were valuable the whole time and I had no idea! Should have sold them... oh well, as long as they are okay I don't really care.

I suddenly have a craving for sushi.


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