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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 

Here I am!

Made it safe and sound! Actually the flight and aftermath couldn't have gone any better. I am a huge virgin atlantic fan, I got three whole seats to myself and they had a selection of 50 movies that you could watch, stop, and start whenever you felt. And some money vegetarian food. Customs was a breeze, they didn't even bat an eye at me (or ask to see my transcripts, which is good because I forgot to order more!) and then the tube was actually not too bad with all my luggage because people kept helping me which leads me to

Stange Thing #1: People here are so nice it's almost scary!

As an American I was nervous they were going to steal my luggage!! But of course they didn't. My room is really small and sad looking, but it has an amazing view of the city and it's the same number as my apartment, 813! Kismet if ever there was any. Love love love my dorm mates, they are all jems. More incredibly nice people. Jen, my new best friend, gave me bed sheets! And Slyv (think Sllll-vh)gave me a couple glasses of wine last night which was very nice because I was getting homsick and wanting to cry. There's only one phone on the whole floor, is this England or the year 1955??? It took nearly a whole day to figure out how to use it, but I took charge and mastered it. Today I went to Tesco, super Tesco! They sold clothes and liquor! I took a lot of pictures, but can't upload them until my computer's fixed or I have internet access at school, which is about two weeks away probably.

Strange Thing #2: You have to rent your shopping cart for a pound, but you get it back after you're done.

Stolen shopping carts that big a deal?? Got tons of groceries and stuggled on the bus home, but was with Jen and an American named Michelle, so it was a fun adventure for all of us.

I am still homesick but can tell I'm going to love it here! Hurrah! Okay, out of time on the internet, off I go!

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