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Monday, September 27, 2004 

I'm sorry, London

For all those awful things I said yesterday, I'm sorry. No sooner did I walk out of the computer lab and decide to head over to Borough St just to make sure nothing was open did I find a 24 hour shop, not twenty yards away, where I not only bought my caramel Cadbury's (yum!) but also some tea and a phone card!

You exceeds my expectations and I never should have judged you so harshly, London.

It's just hard for me, try to understand. It's just like having a crush on someone for years and then all of a sudden they turn round and ask you out and you start dating them! And everything's really great at first and you're just loving it, but in the back of your mind you just know it's too good to be true and so you're waiting... waiting for something to go wrong. Either he'll suddenly confess to being a Yankees fan despite never having lived in New York or think it's okay to smack your ass in front of your father or vote republican or something. I'm sorry London that I've been subconsciously waiting for you to fuck things up for me. You really have been delightful so far and I should check things out thoroughly before I judge you again.

This morning at the bank however, now that was a different story.....

England does have some odd licensing laws - they are a relic from the blackouts of the second world war I think. You would have thought someone would have thought about rescinding them in the last 60 years...

Shops larger than your average corner-shop can serve customers for a maximum of six hours on Sunday. 12-6pm is the typical time. Smaller shops aren't restricted. It's only been like this for five or so years, and before then, no shop could open at all on a Sunday! Similarly, on a normal license, pubs have to close at 11pm, or 10.30pm on a Sunday. Scotland has it much better (of course) - no restrictions on shops, and pubs are open till 1am... It was weird when I first came down to England and nights out tended to end before I'd even got going.

I presume you mean Borough High St - I've been living on that street for the last year until I moved last week. The overpriced Sainsburys is open until 11pm on Sundays. And if you need food even later than that the corner shop opposite Borough station is open to midnight on Sunday. That latter shop has saved my life/appetite on numerous occasions, it's so close that I've been there in my nightclothes at least once.

Finally if you are based on Borough High St then you'll be literally minutes away from where I took most of the pictures on my blog...

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