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Monday, October 04, 2004 

I Need A Job

I've been here two weeks and done some basic exploring (today was the City, from Millennium Bridge to Tower Bridge and the outside of Tower of London) and got my bearings and all that, and now I'm ready to join the British work force. Couple of obstacles to this: 1) Do not yet have my NHS#, the same thing I need to get paid for demonstrating. I read somewhere tonight that I need this for any work at all. Boo. Registered though, so just waiting for the card to come (2-3 weeks??) and 2) Do not know how to get a job.

I've just been walking around looking for signs in the windows... Not quite sure what it is I want to do, but it would have to be at night which discourages me because it seems like most places of business in this country are closed at night.... Any ideas???

P.S. The demonstrating/teaching that I'm doing doesn't pay enough and I only get paid in one lump sum at the end of each semester!! I can't believe that, but you see why I need another job....

I think you should check - you usually need a National Insurance number in order to get a job - this is what they put onto the forms in order to pay you through a payroll service. NHS number is a national health service number which enables you to get free (or cheaper) medical stuff.

Getting a job - look at the Evening Standard newspaper - loads listed in there, also in the Guardian newspaper, check Ms London or Girl About Town and the Metro also. Don't know if you have a learning centre or library in the university but they often take on staff and may have the opportuntity to work in the evenings, we used to do this at the Further Ed college I used to work in. Otherwise you may be looking at waitressing, stacking supermarket shelves or bar work (none of which pay particularly brilliantly). Sometimes people get work doing things like data inputting or photo manipulation and these are sometimes evening. Could sign on with an employement agency, Brook Street, Reed, Talent but there may be ones more specialist in your area. Can you teach? Could have get evening teaching work at adult or FE colleges, or tutoring? There are agencies for these too.

You might need a CV (resume) no longer than 2 sides of A4 detailing previous employement, education and skills with a couple of referees.

Sorry, didn't mean to write an essay. :-)

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