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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 

Oh I forgot

One amusing part of my day:

I demonstrated with another guy in my office today, all day. And at the end of the day we go back up to our office where the following takes place:

He's gay and Asian, but from Northern England and has a cross between a Welsh and Irish accent (which really puzzles my American self when he talks, to see an Asian talk like that it's astounding. In a good way!) and he says something to the Irish gay guy who also sits in our office.

Irish Gay Guy: What did you just say?
Asian Welsh Gay Guy: Oh! Right! I've got a bit of American in there, didn't I?
Irish Gay Guy: You did! You really did just sound like an American there!
Asian Welsh Gay Guy: It's because I've been with Monica all day!
Monica: *giggles*

I then had the following thoughts:
1. Never thought I'd write a transcript such as that in my whole life.
2. I sit in the most diverse office..... EVER.
3. It's funny that their accents influence me, but I never thought of mine ever influencing them....

speaking of asians with an Irsih accent, i know what you mean.... i took a trip to Ireland back in 2000 and went to a Chinese restaurant one night while i was there... i was quite amazed when our asian waitress greeted up with a thick Irish accent! caught me completely off guard!
just one of those things that for some reason you don't expect until you are face to face with it! funny thing was though that i told that story to my asian roommate (you might remeber him, Jamie) when i got back to the States and he couldn't imagine that either!

hang in there Monica! you'll be just fine!

Chickidy China, the Chinese Chicken.

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