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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 

Such Profanity!

Strange Thing #9: You can curse on the radio.

I'd heard the f-bomb twice already, and then last night on Capitol Confessions, Jazzer (??) was chewing out this guy who'd been a real ass to this one girl and kept calling him a 'shithead' over and over again. It was quite unnerving at first. If you say stuff like that in America you get hit with a big fine, especially after the Janet Wardrobe Malfunction.

whats a janet wardrobe malfunction?

Oh, did you not hear about how Janet Jackson's tit "fell out" at the American football Superbowl? According to the reaction in the press, it was the worst thing to happen to us since September 11th. Apparently, incredibly scanitly clothred cheerleaders with breast implants are okay, actual breasts are not. After this, The Religious Right unleashed a "What has become of our morals?" wave upon society and now anything that approaches vulgarity or sex is censored. America: Land of the Not So Free as it were.

Speaking of malfunctions ... why don't you correct the spelling of "Lodon" in your summary, page 1.

Yeah after the watershed pretty much anything goes on radio (not BBC radio though). Link exchange?



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