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Wednesday, October 13, 2004 

London at Dawn

My first weekend here I couldn't sleep one morning and decided to get up and eat something. These are shots from the kitchen of my dorm, the sun rising over Canary Wharf through the dirty windows.

That's gorgeous. If nothing else, that is totally worth the trip.


I am curious about the sign that looks like a giant exclamation mark ... what is that?

Wow, I've been here over a year now and I've never seen a sunrise...

Lovely colours anyway! I spent the summer of 2002 living at Bankside House (LSE student residence just south of the Tate Modern) and had a view out of my window, just like that.

The exclamation point belongs to a warning that tells us not to tamper with the locks that make sure the window only opens about two inches or we'll go to jail or something. The windows here are completely suicide proof, not that I've seen a single undergrad here at all stressed or concerned about their academic achievements in the slightest.

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