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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 

My Office Mates

Are getting to be an incredibly interesting bunch, which I guess is what usually happens when you start to get to know a group that's been together for a while.

Statistics- There are a total of 10 people in the office, 5 girls and 5 guys. Of the 5 guys, 3 are gay, so that 60% of the guys in my office are gay (or maybe even 60% of British men are gay, who knows? It is a small sample population, but it's all I've got at the moment.)

The South African who sits next to me informed me yesterday that he and his girlfriend have a list of five celebrities each that they are allowed to sleep with. That's pretty standard these days I think, but two of the celebrities on his list are imaginary: Jessica Rabbit and Aladdin's Jasmine.

The Irishman who sits next to him just spent his first weekend with a new guy/boyfriend who he met through the guy's twin. Which is funny because he's also a twin!

The Brit next to him got laser eye surgery the day before I showed up so he's had a black and red eye the entire time I've known him.

The Belgian girl post-doc next to him never says a word.

Another Londoner sits behind her, she's new like me, and talks a lot...

Just like the Welsh guy she sits next to, who announced yesterday he's decided to cheat on his boyfriend he's living with but I don't think he's serious.

Next to them is another Brit who's only been here six months and has a girlfriend from Canada.

Behind him is a Dutch girl and she just went to Holland and brought us back the best ginger snaps I've ever had and just cut all her hair off.

And next to her is the crazy Brazilian woman who's absolutely wacky and looking all over London for a new apartment.

And I sit next to her. I wonder how they would describe me....

I am supposed to do a few months of research before I am allowed in the lab, so I just sit here and take it all in. Right now I'm listening to salsa music through headphones on iTunes radio and eating an amazing blueberry muffin from Marks & Spencer (I know I shouldn't go there on a student's budget but it's right across the street from my dorm), drinking tea and reading about foam drainage rates. Lovely life I have. Couldn't be happier.

Wish me luck as I attempt to purchase a mobile during lunch!

Don't Londoners call it "Marks and Sparks"??

Don't worry .all of them know you as a "bitch".

Yes probably. In the two and a half years since I posted this I basically run this department now. You don't get as far as I do without yelling at a few lazy morons.

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