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Sunday, October 24, 2004 

This is why I haven't been drinking

Headed over to The Rose pub, my new favorite place on Earth. Me and my little (22 years old) American flatmate, Michelle, popped in last night. They do something at this pub, I'm not sure if it's legal or not, called a "lock in." The doors shut at 11pm like they are supposed to, but they keep serving to everyone who stays in the pub. I thought we'd be there an hour or two... Four 2 quid pints and five hours later, they kicked us out and we stumbled out into the fresh air. Apparently, I kicked over a traffic cone and made a movie of Michelle in our kitchen with my digital camera. I do not remember any of this. But I'm relatively hangover-free today, so I'd definitely chalk it up to a successful night. (I also allegedly took off Michelle's shoes for her and made her drink two glasses of water. Aren't I just lovely when I'm pissed??)

Strange Thing #14: British get far more fired up about American politics and September 11th than Americans do.

Had quite the debate last night. Wow, do they have a lot of opinions about that whole event. Just like the people in my office. It's astounding. It really makes you think when an Irishman tells you that Gore lost the election because of the way Clinton handled the Elian Gonzales affair and how that lost Gore the Cuban electorate. I mean, wow. I feel like such an asshole because I know nothing about their political system. Everyone in my office also went nuts over my absentee voter form, passing it around and examining it carefully. So it's true. The rest of the world really does think we are idiots.

P.S. Some interesting news: My friend Heather works as a TV reporter in North Carolina. Usually I feel really bad for her because she has to work way harder than anyone should, but this weekend she's interviewing Kirk Herbstreit, possibly one of the planet's hottest men. Let's just say I don't feel bad for her anymore!! I can't wait to hear how it went....

Just in case anyone's interested, the interview with Kirk Herbstreit was a bit anti-climatic. I waited around for HOURS for my interview, only to be rushed into a 1-1/2 minute Q&A with bad lighting. I was supposed to get a nice, leisurely 5 minutes. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PRECIOUS TIME WITH ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEN ON THE PLANET? But just in case anyone's wondering HE'S EVEN MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON!!! ;-)


hey there! just wanted to say hi! i'm glad you're having a great time :)

Heh, no I definitely don't think lock-ins are legal! They are however quite common, although I can't say I've ever been in one myself...

just to second ollie - lock-ins are illegal and bars can get their licences taken away by the police if discovered but certainly are fun and well worth it for the story of being in one in a london pub!

Ok, I am the "new guy" here, and I realize this blog might be mostly dead, but I just want to say: Don't feel too badly about being apolitical in 2004. We Americans still had that warm feeling from 8 years of Bill Clinton. How bad could 8 years of George II be? (Well, personally, bad enough to make me politically involved. We'll have no more of that nonsense, thank you.)

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