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Thursday, November 11, 2004 

Comes to a head

It got a little worse earlier this week while during teaching I realized the semester is nearly over and I'm about to be out of a job! I asked the professor that I teach for if there was another class I could demonstrate for next semester. He said, "Yes! Actually [Stalker] is looking for someone to teach his MSc lab." Grrrrrrrr.

It got a lot worse this morning, when I was overdue on some paperwork for the PhD registration process and I asked my senior student who my two assessors were going to be (two independent doctors in the department who know nothing about your project to sit in and evaluate you at two different sessions through out the PhD process.) He said, "Yes, I think they would be Dr. R and maybe.... [Stalker.]" Oh, for fuck's sake. "No," I said. "I think it was supposed to be Dr. R and someone else." Luckily he didn't doubt me for a second and found another doctor, Dr A, to do the job. That turned out fantastically discreetly, huh?

Now it comes to a head, as Stalker sent me an email last night saying that he couldn't help but notice I've been avoiding him and that he'd love to take me out to dinner so we could talk it over. As if. At least I finally get an open opportunity to tell him how I feel and it will be in writing, and that makes me very happy. Now I have to concentrate on not being a bitch in this email....

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