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Thursday, November 11, 2004 


A girl faces many choices in her life....

"Should I go on that blind date?"

"Will I really wear those four inch knee high black boots? I do want to buy them so bad but they're so expensive....."

"Can I really afford to go to that party, or should I stay in an study?"

"Hmmm, who do I hate more right now? Britney Spears or Sienna Miller?"

But this last one is really a noodle scratcher:

"Should I see the new Bridget Jones movie?"

I love love love the literary character of Bridget, and grew to become fond of Movie Bridget (and Renee as well in the process) and I don't want anything to ruin that relationship. I want to always think of her fondly and don't want anything to spoil my feelings about her. The movie is getting pretty bad reviews so far I've heard. *Sigh.* And on a student's budget I can't afford to go to bad movies.... I just don't know what to do. Opens tomorrow.

Being a bloke of course, I wouldn't be seen anywhere dead near a cinema showing Bridget Jones. The only blokes who do go and see it are presumably there because of She Who Must Be Obeyed...

Still, it's one redeeming feature is that it was filmed all around central London, particularly in the Borough Market area. It's always kind of cool seeing a familiar location on film, perhaps because it is so rare for us Brits. Being from America yourself I presume you are used to movie cameras panning around your locale all the time?

Anyway, it's got to be better than Resident Evil 2 :-O

A couple of my internet friends saw BJ2 and really liked it.

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