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Thursday, November 25, 2004 


I never really gave much thought to Thanksgiving, other than considering it the calm before the storm known as The Christmas Season, and especially since becoming a vegetarian I don't have that same Turkey addiction that most Americans suffer from. (I still think it smells nice though.) But I'm kind of actually missing it right now. Not only do I have to go to work today and tomorrow but I don't get to sit around with my family, watch [American] football, drink beer, lounge by the fire or iron the "good" tablecloth (the chore bestowed upon me yearly), or listen to my mom and her sister argue over food preparation. Kinda miss it. Brits keep asking me about it, and as usual that can go pretty hilariously. This was yesterday:

British Flatmate Joe: So what's Thanksgiving all about anyway?
Me: Well, back when we were still British and Pilgrims coming to America, but right before we slaughtered nearly the entire Native American population and took their land, we had a celebration with them and all sat down to dinner....
Joe: And give thanks?
Me: And give thanks.
Joe: What do you eat?
Me: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes... uh, pumpkin pie...
American Michelle: Cranberry sauce!
Me: Right...
Joe: You know, that's very typically American, to remember that once little nice moment out of the years of killing Indians.
Me: You know, that's kinda true....
Joe: How do Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?
Me: Uh, you know, I never really thought about that.
Joe: Typical! They probably want to shoot Americans!

Fair play.

I give thanks that I am healthy and happy and that I am so far not only surviving my major excursion to London but actually enjoying it as well. I am also thankful that my family is safe and healthy too (assuming my sister is, no one has really heard from her since she started her first day at college) and I am thankful to all the Native Americans who gave their lives unwillingly to create the Great United States of America. I hope they don't hate us or want to kill us, and that maybe they find their own way to celebrate it. Or something.

Okay, Michelle texted me earlier asking me what I wanted from Tescos for the great feast I assume she is preparing for tonight and I haven't heard from her in a while, so I'm going to go home and check to see if the dorm hasn't been burned down yet.

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