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Monday, December 20, 2004 

It's No Rainforest But....

I was making out like a champ in London, weather-wise. At this very moment, it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Maryland and 34 degrees Fahrenheit in SE1. For an added bonus, the humidity in Maryland is approximately 35%, while in London it is 75%. (References: weather.com and weather.co.uk, respectively.) This explains why all my mucus membranes are desiccated to the point of actual pain; in fact it's so bad, it hurts too much to fall asleep! Any part of my body that comes in contact with the atmosphere is dried up like a prune. I feel disgusting, just all raw and red and scratchy and dehydrated. Alright, time for bed. I'm going to stick my head over a pot of boiling water and see if I can't saturate things with steam long enough to conk out before they dry up again.

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