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Tuesday, January 04, 2005 

Multiple Destinations

Maybe I'm wrong about the dryer sheets....

I'm leaving for the airport in a little over an hour. Back to London I go. I feel culture shocked all over the place; the states were weird, and now I know when I go back London will be weird too. I'm also having deja vu, saying goodbye to people all over again. My brain seems to think my first couple days in London will be just like the first time yet again: wandering around in the wrong neighborhood, completely alone and lonely. But that doesn't make sense, as I have friends there now....

The exciting part is that I've been planning two really cool trips the past couple of days! The second one is to Scotland with my folks and sister, to see the British Open among other things.

The first I need your help with. My friend, Heather, and her mom and I are having a weekend in Paris, the first weekend in February. Does anyone know a place to stay, or which part of town we should stay in?? I have no idea...

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Paris is organized into a series of neighborhoods, or 'Arrondissements'. I like the Montmartre area a lot, which is the 18th, and in the north-central section of Paris. It's the hilly area near le Sacre Coeur (simply amazing to sit there at night and look over Paris). If you fly into DeGaulle, it's quite easy to take the RER to Gare de Nord and then the Metro over to Montmartre (probably the Anvers Metro Stop). Hemingway and Francis Scott Key among other American Ex-pats in the 20s called this area home...

You might also like le Quartier Latin (old student area near the Sorbonne), which is in the 5th Arrondissement, just south of the Seine along Boulevard St. Germain. There are many cafes and shops in this area. Many people love this area.

You will be able to tell where things are located by the address, usually designated with what looks like a zip code in the form of 750xx, where the xx designates which Arrondissement the hotel is located. The arrondissements start in the center and then spiral out from the center in the clockwise fashion.

Here is a good map to give you an idea of where things are generally located.

Paris Arrondissement Map]

Paris is easily accessible my metro, so either place will allow you to tour about.

Paris Metro Map]

It is one of my favorite cities, and despite what people say, I think the French are wonderful people. A simple bonjour coupled with a smile will get you far.

Have a great time!


I'm afraid I can't help much with regards to Paris, but I know Scotland well - I've been based in/near Edinburgh most of my life, and my family home is just to the East of the city. My parents used to rent out the house when the Open was in Muirfield. It's in St Andrews this year - not too far from Edinburgh and a nice place too. Prince Andrew is famously studying there, of course.

As for Paris, I have distant relative there I think. Not sure where they are based - I think it's somewhere near Gare du Nord, it all seemed very nice when I was there. Central Paris probably has less "dodgy bits" than Central London so you should probably be ok wherever... I assume you are going by Eurostar - for you, it's essentially falling out of bed onto the train at this end, and arriving in Paris a couple of hours later.

I heard Froggy's is a good place to eat in Paris.

Hi... I'm actually writing this to you from Paris, where I live. I'd just finished updating my blog and hit the NEXT BLOG button and yours came up.

For Paris hotels (in fact European hotels): www.eurocheapo.com is an excellent site that isn't selling anything. Lots of good addresses and prices and pictures.

You have a map of Paris right now. The coolest area to be for a visitor is the Marais, which is the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, in the centre, a bit to the east and just above the river. Can be pricey, but there are always bars and restaurants and things happening, and you can walk to all of central Paris from there (including to Louvre, Pompidou Centre, the islands, the Hôtel de Ville and all that).

As a rule, you can easily walk three metro stops. Paris itself is only seven miles across in any direction, so in a pinch you can walk anywhere, but the metro is fine...... except it stops at around 1 in the morning, so best to hit the bars within walking distance unless you want to cab it.

A good general site for destinations everywhere is www.lonelyplanet.com then go to the thorntree forum.....

I think the best guide for Paris is probably Time Out. As soon as your friend arrives she should go to a kiosque (newsstand) and buy "Pariscope", a small publication about everything that is on in the city for the week (well, the week from Wednesday to the next Tuesday). It costs 40 euro cents. It's in French but because it's only a listing, it's pretty easy to work out opening hours, metro stops, prices, etc.

Hope that helps....

If you need any more details on anything, I'm at parispuppy@free.fr

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