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Friday, December 31, 2004 

Static Cling

I did laundry for the first time since being back in the States, and that reminded me:

Strange Thing #22: They don't have dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are these little disposable pieces of cloth that you stick in with your wet clothes in the dryer, and somehow they make your laundry smell like stuff (flowers, the ocean, etc) and absorb all the static electricity (particularly useful in my case as my hair is so long that when it sticks up I look really stupid.) These ingenious inventions do not appear to exist in England. You have to use fabric softener. That's a lot of fun, because that's another huge bottle you have to lug to wherever the washer is, and plus it doesn't seem to work as well. The British should really look into this.

I added some websites to the blog today, if you want to donate $$$ for the tsunami, etc. I finally received an email from Akash, thanks to all the people that asked. He's alive and kicking, and sounded like he was having a blast. I'm glad that he took the time to write me because that means either he hasn't married an Indian bride yet, or if he has, she's cool and let's him email his ex's. So that works for me!

I leave to head back to London in five days, and surprisingly I am quite ready to do so. I didn't want to for a while, but now I am eager to get back. I guess that means that it is "home" to me now. Isn't that something?!

Even though my best friend there, Michelle, will be gone when I get back. *Sniff*

Oh but we do! We have Bounce. They even have their own web site: http://www.bouncesheets.com/

This website says, "valid only in U.S. and Canada"! Are you sure I can get them in London??

Of course you can get dryer sheets in the UK!

Yes, I'm absolutely sure you can get drier sheets in London. If you have a look on the Tesco site and do a search for Bounce you will find them and many supermarkets have their own brands too. Look for them near the fabric conditioner.


pj from blatherblog.co.uk & Girls Blog UK webring

Maybe you just haven't found the dryer sheet store yet.

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