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Sunday, January 09, 2005 

It's Allllll Good

I'm as happy as a pig in mud to be back. Things have been really really good.

I saw some awesome people I wasn't expecting to see this week. First was my Uncle Bob and his wife, Ann. Man, what a trip those two are! We had a lot of fun, even though they are super duper wine experts and managed to get me all kinds of drunk. I didn't even go to the lab the next day I was so hungover. They live in California but were here for business, so what a neat surprise! And it was the same with my friend Josh, a high school mate that I haven't seen in a while. He was in Scotland for New Year and stopped by London to see me. We didn't get to see that much of each other but it was great to see him. He's lived in England before and understands me and the whole culture shock deal (I'm still going though, I swear.) So it was great to talk to him.

The best news I got when I was home was about that guy, H, I wrote about before I left. He was an American getting a PhD at KCL and through a friend of a friend we got in touch so that he could give me a head's up about coming to London. Instead he turned out to be the world's biggest asshole and sent me an email about how much everything here sucks: London, England, KCL, the people, the exchange rate, the transportation, the food, the TV, the weather, and if it was at all possible, to back out if I still could. I'll never forget receiving that email, because it scared the Hell out of me and made me burst into tears right there at my desk!!

The bastard graduated and moved back to America. People I know met him and confirmed his asshole status, and I moved here and have realized he couldn't have been more wrong. The news about him? He can't find a job in the states!! The only place he can find a job? London!! He has to move back here!! Ahahahaha!

Poor H. He doesn't understand that stuff always works out for me. I swear. I was walking over here right now, wearing my new pink scarf, and those massive winds were finally dying down, and I was practically walking on air because things are so amazing here and I'm so happy, and what's become of H? The bastard was mean to me for no reason and the gods are punishing him. Ha.

Now aren't you glad you listened to your Mommy and Daddy instead of him??

You smell, London smells, the school smells....you all smell!

- H

But the weather does suck here... ;-)

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