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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 

Reefer Roadtrip

Ever have one of those days? Where you think you are just headed to work as usual, but then end up two hours by van out of the city, spending the day with a fellow postgrad who happens to be the Director of Botany at what is probably the world's largest legal marijuana growing facility?

Yea, me too....

(Don't worry, the pictures were allowed, as long as I did not shoot anything that would reveal the company or the location, or even any of the employees, for safety concerns obviously.)

Being developed for relief of symptoms of people with MS. Clinical trials are going excellently.

So that was my day yesterday. Living in a foreign country can be bizarre. Living in a big city can be bizarre. Being a postgrad student can be bizarre. And when those three things decussate, you can really get some most atypical and interesting experiences.

Somewhere Ricky Williams is creaming his pants.

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