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Friday, January 21, 2005 

Andale, Andale, Ariba, Ariba!

I was going to do a bit of blogging to commemorate my four month anniversary of moving to London yesterday, but the damn blogger.com site was done. Bastards.

Strange Thing #25: Serious lack of decent Mexican food.

And people here may protest that and claim that they do in fact have loads of acceptable TexMex but really either they: 1) know they don't and are just trying to save face, or 2) have no bloody idea what good Meixcan food actually tastes like. I vote for the latter.

Trying to find it in the grocery stores is a nightmare, and what I have bought so far is disgusting. To be fair, I haven't eaten out at the two Mexican restaurants I've seen in the last four months. Maybe it's better there. Maybe someone out there in webland could recommend a good one in zone one, because MAN, am I jonesing for some.

And kisses to all my lovely friends that have sent care packages full of Taco Bell hot sauce. The value of friendship has never meant more to me...

You talk about good mexican food food and then mention Taco Bell!! I'm absolutely positive you will find some really good mexican food if you actually go to a restaurant. Admittedly the stuff in the supermarket may taste like crud.

I quite agree, TexMex food is not a big deal here - I noticed there was a lot more it when I was in NY. However you should try The Texas Embassy restaurant/bar just off Trafalgar Square, a rather impressively themed place, although most famous for its Margaritas rather than food.


I just moved back to the US after living in London for 5 years. Yes, good Mexican food is rare in the UK, and I was on a deliberate hunt at one point. The best I've found is Cafe Pacifico - 5 Langley Street (Covent Garden tube stop). It's better than Texas Embassy. Another decent one is Texas Lone Star on Gloucester Road (2 blocks south of the tube station). I've been following your integration into UK life - you'll love it. I miss it terribly. -Henry

I live in New Mexico and have tried Mexican food in other states in the US. It's all horrid as far as I can tell. Here are the 2 best Mexican restaurants in the world.
For this reason, I will never move out of Albuquerque.


You want to try some good home cooked mexican food head to Brixton in zone 2. To a pub called the Hobgoblin on Effra Rd. 5-10 minutes walk from the station. There is a kitchen in the pub called El Panzon, They serve ral Mexican Tacos & the best Burritos in London!!
So far it´s the best Mexican food in London that I´ve tasted... enjoy xxx

Just found this blog... ¨Needachillifix¨ thank you... you just earned yourself a free burrito come and see me at eh kitchen -El Panzon
As for all of you in web-land drop in London... Why not? EL PANZON´S kitchen is situated in the Hobgoblin Tavern, 95 Effra Rd., Brixton, London SW2. 0207 924 9888. The kitchen is open 7 days a week: mon-thr 6-10, fri 5-10:30, sat 12-10:30, sun 12-8. Buen Provecho... Come and say hello.

El panzon rocks!!!! moved into Brixton 3 months ago. Great pub, good crowd & fantastic FOOD... I've got Panzon's new menu... check it out!!!: www.elpanzon.co.uk
Needed recovery food because I got wasted on Friday. His breakfast tacos did the bizzzz.... enjoy... peace!, love! Chefs not bad either :)
FreekyGal xxx

i hope you guys are right...CAUSE I AM FIENDING!!!!

been here for 5 months now studying abroad and i cant take it any longer!!!

came from arizona, best mexican food in the US (sorry new mexico guy), and i need a big filibertos-type burrito.

will update you on my thoughts ASAP.

also, taco bell is NOT mexican...although it is delicious in its own right.

Hi you Guys... I've moved my business "EL PANZON" to the Dogstar on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton. 3min walk from Brixton Tube station. Turn left out of the station, then second turn left & walk 300 meters and your there!! I´m open from 5:30 till 10:30 Monday to Friday. 12noon till 10:30 Saturday. 12noon till 8pm Sunday.

Thought I might let you know that I've found this place opposite Liverpool Street station called Wrap it up! which sells amazing burritos - as good as anything in the US! Worth checking out.

Just read your blog. I am an American here as well and I just found the best burrito in London. It is in Islington and called Tortilla. Just like the states...

Forgot to mention that Wrap It Up is terrible!

Oh man, I was only reading to look for some tips on where to go myself but to the person suggesting the wrap place on Liverpool St, you must be having a laugh!

Possibly the worst burritos in the world, in fact calling them burritos shoudl have them up in front of trading standards.

Take wrap, fill with 90% rice, add boiled beef and then salsa. Winner.

Gotta try mucho mas on upper street in islington... roasted-tomato salsa, plus a bit of pico, chicken or steak, black beans.....guac....mmmmm....now i'm hungry.

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