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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 

Brill is too a word

Rugby was brill, I actually enjoyed it. Although I don't think anyone can deny I've watched two of the lousiest games: the England and Holland friendly and the England and France Six Nations (France came from behind to win by one point all on England penalties. Hey, I'm a Redskins fan, I'm used to that!) So, anyway, I'm picking that up and acclimating and all that....

I'm in good spirits because my first set of experiments is going really well! I managed to get a flux rate that was in a straight line, as it was supposed to. The masters student who tried it before me had a curved line which means either (a) she is a supreme idiot or (b) I am an infallible laboratory goddess. Of course neither of those is true, but my senior student has stopped looking at me like I'm an idiot, and I'm starting to feel less like an idiot, so it's all good.

Hello from another american expat..

Just passing the love around. I'll be back for more readings!

Stop by and say hello, soon!
Island Girl

Allons, enfants! Paris rocks, like world cap do! Speaking of Caps, the NHL players and owners worked hard over the last couple of days, finally decided to call a press conference where, in unison, they slit their own throats from ear to ear. The sad part is that no one was watching. Everyone's gearing up for Daytona 500 and Nationals' spring training. Checked out yer sissy's blog site? Candy, flowers and free food from a Valentine's admirer! Now it begins . . .
In the bag so far for July: roundtrip airfares, hotel at the Southwark Holiday Inn, three days at the Eburgh Anoch Mor (or whate'r it tis), plus four tix to Guy n Dolls. More transcontinental websurfing this upcoming long weekend . . .
-- Yer Da

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