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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

American Remakes Suck

I just received the official copy of my three month evaluation and my supervisors have dubbed my progress "satisfactory" (options being "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory") and have recommended that I continue. So there you go, Mom and Dad.

I just read online that they are making a American version of The Office, one of the funniest TV shows, British or otherwise, EVER. God, no wonder everyone hates Americans. We always think we can do everything better, and even when it sucks we don't seem to realize the error of our ways. I so don't approve of this, even if Ricky Gervias does....

Hopefully they don't change the concept of it all too much - The Office was well received in the US though, I believe, so hopefully it shouldn't need altering too much for the American audience.

And at least Ricky is still involved in it, so it can't go too far wrong....

We're used to "outstanding", "stellar", "unsurpassable" ... but we'll take "satisfactory" in this case.

Chances are it will turn out as successful as the US version of Couplings did. The network pulled that one off the air so fast some are convinced the word of a remake was just an urban legend. ;)

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