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Thursday, March 31, 2005 

Munchie Explosions

Interesting little event yesterday: as I was walking to work in the morning, and heading under what bridge I don't know, maybe the Southwark Train bridge or something, a cop car pulled up and two cops rushed out, put their jackets on and scuttled in front of me. They rushed up to a suitcase that was just sitting in front of a mini-cab dispatch, right next to Hot Munchies (my fave morning-after-I-drank-more-than-I-should-have-again dive.) This would seem to me a logical place for a suitcase to be, probably waiting for it's owner who was inside the mini-cab joint, but apparently the police were treating it like a discarded bag/bomb. It was kind of exciting and I wanted to stick around and watch (bomb squad? team of bomb-sniffing dogs? who knows?) but then I was afraid it would detonate when they opened it like in a movie or something, so I kept walking.

Guess that didn't happen, seeing as how both the bridge and Hot Munchies were still standing when I walked by that evening.

(Hot Munchies! Not only is the name the best, but right on the menu they have 'apple pie' and 'samosa' next to each other. It cracks me up, as a microcosm of how diverse London really is.)

I lived in London and Exeter for five years; how come I don't know about the Hot Munchies? HA HA that is so British. A word of caution: DO NOT EAT THE HAMBURGERS. For some reason the U.K. CANNOT do hamburgers.

MMMMmmmmmmmmm. Tasty prions. :)

Favorite British munchie ever: salt-and-vinegar flavored (sorry, flavoUred) pretzels. Only had them a few times while over there. It sounds like an odd flavor, but they were soooooooo good!

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