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Saturday, March 26, 2005 


One of my alma matters, NCSU, may have a disappointing basketball team, but the science department has discovered something remarkable!

Actual dinosaur DNA?!? That would be so amazing. DNA is like the most complex and interesting novel. Now that we know how to read it there's no end to the amount of information that could come out of this. I'm so proud of my school.

And more proof that accidents make the best science, which is really the only way to explain my success in the field so far. Am total klutz.

"A lot of Americans don't believe in evolution. They are creationists. Or idiots, as I like to call them." -- anonymous (from Tube Gossip. I love that site.)

I wonder how dinosaurs fit into this new wave of Because-Mel-Gibson-made-a-movie-about-JC-and-Bush-is-religious-s0-God-is-cool-again mentality that is sweeping my ex-nation. More and more public schools are starting to teach Creationism in science classes and language like "evolution is just a theory" is starting to pop up all over. Always makes me think:

1. Evolution is actually not just a theory, it is a proven fact, unlike Creationism which is not only unproven, it just flat out doesn't make any sense.

2a. Why are they teaching a religious doctrine in a science class? Why not a religion class?
2b. Isn't there a little thing called "separation of church and state" supposed to be going down over there?


My country is such an embarrassment sometimes. Sometimes.

Yep, ain't america great? I've been here for almost three years, and i'm actually a bit scared of the things that have been happening back there while i've been away. The herd mentality of the religious right taking over...scary!
The evolution/creation debate taking off again is, I think, not anything to be worried about. And on a purely philosophical level, evolution is actually just as much a theory as creationism (it's just that evolution has loads of evidence supporting it, while creationism has a really short chapter in a book written thousands of years ago.) It is important for us sciencey-types to step back and remember that our belief in science is still as much a faith system as any other religion. Tho, i'm sure Darwin was closer to the truth than the belief that the first man sprang full-formed from some dirt.

I hear you on this. I live in the US, and I can tell you that it's getting some crazy around here.

I think this whole Terri Schivo issue is just an example of the Religious right flexing their anti Roe vs. Wade muscles. With our President kissing up to them so aggressively, and the rest of our Government held by his party, I think we're in deep s@#t.

Sometimes I just don't understand what we're doing.


I just wanted to say that I went to university in the states from the UK (Chapel Hill, which has a bloody good basketball team, whatever) and I've noticed since I've come back that the only news you really read about america in europe is the crazy shit.
The good stuff is still there, and so ubiquitous it's not news. Remember that. I'm having exactly the same experience as you with how backwards europe is, and I come from here...mind you, I think I made a bit of a mistake moving to france to avoid the idiocy of britain.

I know this blog might be dead, but I just have to comment (again, as any reader may have noticed I am making multiple comments here today). I couldn't agree more! My 13-year old son experienced this in school. Unfortunately, he is the only one who laughed at the idea of the invisible man in the sky putting dinosaur bones in the ground just to f*ck with our heads. It ended up being a big hassle lasting months because (being the son of a lawyer), he was a bit of a d*ck about it and would not back down from his position that the whole idea is a bit silly.
(I understand the concept that evolution is still just a theory--But still)
In any event, I can't wait to bring home a ten pound note and tell him (he is a big fan of the UK): "They even have Darwin on their money."

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