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Friday, May 06, 2005 

English Summers

New Cross Gate (my first time on the Rail trains. Not too bad...)

I love English summers! I wasn't sure what to expect. My only time in England was those few hours in July 2000, and when I stepped off the plane I was cold! But something about being here (seven months now) it's like I've gotten used to the weather, and a nice warm 65 degree day is just heavenly.

It's not too hot, and there are so many beautiful gardens and flowers in bloom, I am really enjoying it.

There were still some nagging doubts, because I do absolutely love hot hot hot weather, walking around in flip flops, eating gallons of ice cream, sweating by the pool, sleeping with three fans blowing, that sort of thing. I probably won't get more than five days of that here but... I was invited to my first British barbecue last weekend!


Pure joy. Sure, it got chilly and we all had to put on jumpers and undoubtedly it started to sprinkle, but it was just so summer-y I had a really great time. And now I know I'm really going to love the next few months.

I'm glad someone is having nice weather. It's 52 degrees here. That's, like, 2 in English.

Are they barbecuing something in that photo or cremating an animal?

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