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Monday, May 02, 2005 


You know how sometimes you get really bored and you'll Google yourself just to see what comes up? Well, geeky scientists do the same thing with PubMed (it's the ultimate journal search engine). I did last week as a plethora of students in my office are on the verge of their first publications, and look what I found!

Gould, F., Blair, N., Reid, Monica, Lopez, J., Micinski, S., Bacillus
-toxin resistance management: Stable isotope assessment
of alternate host use by Helicoverpazea. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
2002 Dec 24; 99(26):16581-6

Isn't that amazing!! Some work that I did as an undergrad at North Carolina State. I had to take moths and cut off their wings and analyze them in a Mass Spec and then we could tell where they had grown up and what they had eaten. This type of research could one day lead to more selective pesticide applications. No point in spraying for one type of bug if they aren't even from there, right?

So money. And so exciting that I ended up getting published before everyone else in the office!

CONGRATULATIONS! See, NC State is a wonderful school! And it's only fitting that you get your first publication for work you did there. This is only the first of many published articles and research findings! Now, we need to start keeping count of how many articles are published "Reid, Monica" before they have to be published "Dr. Monica Reid." :o)
~ Heather

I always knew those moths would be your breakthrough!

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