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Sunday, April 24, 2005 

Exhausted Again

This whole PhD mess sure is getting in the way of blogging and doing other things. I've really been working night and day. It's been worth it though, the results I'm getting are outstanding. Most wise scientists know this kind of thing is mostly luck, and I appreciate that. All the hard work is to cover my ass when the luck runs out....

And I'm about to inform my advisor of the Portuguese trip, right after I told him about the two weeks for Scotland. I hope he doesn't flip out; hence my presence in the office on a Sunday to make up for all my holidays!

Speaking off, I had a bit of culture shock just the other day (something that is getting rarer and rarer). I quoted Office Space to another postgrad and he just started at me blankly. Aw, the best way to get laughs in any American office is that Friday afternoon "Uhhhh, yeaaaa, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturdaaaaay. We lost some people this week and we need to play catch up. Thanks." Nothing. Funny huh?

Okay, asin the immortal words of Eminem, it's "back to the lab again, yo."

My fiance is English and he absolutely loves Office Space, but he saw it here in the US first so maybe every British person should see it just to understand the quotes from it!

My favourite quote from a classic film. Not many people have seen it over here, I only heard from a friend and still found it difficult to get so I downloaded from the net.

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