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Saturday, April 16, 2005 

This isn't strange so much as just wrong

Strange Thing #31: The popularity of Robbie Williams.

It just makes no damn sense. All of us in America heard about his 80 gazillion dollar record deal a few years ago and the country simultaneously thought, "Who? Why?" And that is pretty much the extent of American Robbie Williams-based knowledge.

A few weeks ago we were listening to Radio One in the lab, and the topic was greatest male rock musician. And throughout the week they throw out names and people call in and vote. This particular day I was listening the top four choices of the afternoon were, (and I swear to God) Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Robbie Williams. What? Sure, USA pumps out crap all the time, but I don't think anyone in their right mind would put Britney Spears up against Stevie Wonder. But why is Robbie Williams so greatly revered? Those guys have put out some of the best and most definitive music of our time. Robbie Williams does what? Arrange his hair in a mohawk?

I asked a lab mate about this, and his theory seemed to be that no one here really likes him either, but he had that one song, "Angels" or whatever, and they kept playing it during England's impressive World Cup run in 2002. So there is a positive association with well-played English football and Robbie Williams. Well .... Okay.... But he's still no Jimi Hendrix.

Hi Monica.

I found your blog through the expat express ring. I'm British, living in the US, so it's fun to check out people who have 'swapped with me'. I agree that the popularity of Robbie Williams is strange. I'd forgotten about him.

I checked out your list of other strange things. My favourite was #8 "Yea, but in America you're allowed to shoot each other." That cracked me up. :P And are those stamps #15 actually used for the mail? I thought they were just stickers, but I think I see the Queen's head on them. Now I want some.

I do miss the range of crisps over there. But I've come to really like Mexican food since moving over here.

I'm glad to hear that you've found British people to be nice. I guess if you think that's a strange thing, you weren't expecting it? I've found Americans to be very nice and - in my experience - friendlier than British people.

Well, I'm adding your link to my reads, so I can check in with you again.

Take care.


nice blog which i have been rading every few days or so. surfed into through expat express, i suppose, cannot really remember.

yeah, robbie williams, a bit inexplicable to me as well...but my otherwise cool british boyfriend likes him so i am trying to get a taste for him as well.

i'm a american blogger in munich germany ....


thanks and keeping blogging,

I'm agreeing with you on Robbie but you have to think about the demographic of the radio station as to why this ex-Take That starlet made it onto that list of genae.

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