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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

Little Girl Lost

Silly me. I spent all Sunday morning laboring (labouring?) under the misapprehension that surely, despite the London Marathon, the whole of London would continue to operate. In general.

I've never been more wrong. And I should have known better.

Once a month I head over to the Tesco in Surrey Quays to stock up on all the good veggie stuff they have (lemon and black pepper Quorn escalopes, yum!). I got on the 47 bus like I always do and straight away it deviated from it's normal course due to the Marathon. After about 15 minutes and miles from where the bus should be, I got off the bus thinking I am a big girl now and could get myself home. I was half right. I found a stop for the 381, which is MY bus, literally stops right in front of the dorm. It also goes to Surrey Quays, so I figure I'm in the clear no matter what. Upon boarding I ask the driver, "Are you going to Surrey Quays?" (like the sign on the front of the bus promises me). And he says "eeeeeeeeeeeeh... yeah."

Not convincing or assuring. My fortunes didn't improve with this bus either as we literally starting driving in circles around Peckham. Peckham! I was so scared. Elephant and Castle has nothing on Peckham. Ghett-to!

After an hour and practically in tears I was so scared and lost, I bailed ship. I saw a the construction site of a high rise that I can see from my dorm and navigated my way home from there. The 381 did not go to either London Bridge or Surrey Quays and the driver was no help. What a mess.

My Sunday ruined, me upset, with nothing to eat, all so that drop-out Paula Radcliffe could poo in the road or whatever she did.

Peckham looks more scary than it is. There are supermarkets in the Walworth Road near the elephant and castle should the trek to Surrey Quays not seem so attractive


Peckham is actually a decent area, rather harsh to dub it a ghetto (you american you) as stated before it looks more scary then it is, specially for a bubble filtered life you've lived.

And you know that she has lived a bubble filtered life?

Peckham is fine.... so long as you were wearing a kevlar helmet and bullet proof vest. :D

There was absolutely no need to be afraid or upset. Peckham is not South Central and no harm would have come to you. If you'd asked the way to the station you could have got a Train to London Bridge.... Actually, you could have got a Tube from London Bridge to Canada Water. It's about 2 minutes walk from there to Surrey Quays.

For reference: Alternate Tesco stores are to be found on Old Kent Road (probably about a 20 minute walk from where you are) and Kennington Lane ( a bus ride at most)

You now know why I stay in bed on marathon Sunday.

BTW, I wonder how high that Tower is going?... It just keeps going up and up and up...

I am aware that there are other Tescos, but none of them carry these items that I'm looking for. That's why I only go to that one once a month.

Yea, Canada Water. Seems a waste of money to take the tube to Canada Water when there's a bus stop as well... And buses do go there 99.9% of the time... After getting back to LBridge I could have tried again on the tube, but I thought it better to go back to bed....

I did ask for directions, but the bus driver himself was clearly lost and wasn't helping any of us (obviously everyone on the bus was confused!) and when I asked for directions in Peckham the guy laughed at me and told me to get on the 381. Which then got me more lost.

Bubble filtered life, huh? I think anyone that's been robbed at gun point probably hasn't lived a "bubble filtered life." But that's just me....

Peckham sucks. Everyone else i told that story too felt really bad for me and agreed it's a really rough neighborhood. I thought Brixton was fine and I know some people don't like that area.

Peckham sucks, I agree. It's reputation proceeds it, but it really is not as bad as it looks. Not nearly as bad as the Chicago neighbourhood I and some friends found ourselves lost in one morning. A passing police car stopped and gave us a lift. They were gobsmacked to see us, 3 white English guys, wandering about and surprised that we'd got that far without being mugged! You could wander about Peckham at 3am and I could all but 100% guarantee your safety. You'd be far more likely to come to harm in the West End on a Friday night.

Erhm, Peckham does not suck... Please, don´t be so vane. How do you think Peckamites feel about this comment? Peckham might look rough but it´s actually a very funky place. It has one of the most amazing buildings in London: The Peckham library. It´s definitely worth checking it out.

I've now worked in Peckham for 6 months and the only bit that even looks a little rough is the Rye Lane bit, and thats only because its a sort of run down high street much like many English high streets (I'm thinking wood green, lewisham etc etc) and has heaps of butchers on it that sell cows feet. Very close by it becomes rather middle class and gentrified. And there are bollards there designed by Anthony Gormley. Don't dis real London!! ;-)

And by the way - the london marathon is a 26 mile run along the london streets - there's gonna be a little bit of disruption!!!!

I live in Peckham and while it may be scruffy, it is certainly not a ghetto and is not dangerous. I like yr blog but that comment ruined it for me.

My fear definitely had more to do with being lost (and with the bus drivers being lost) more than Peckham's appearance to me at the time.

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