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Thursday, April 28, 2005 

They Love This Stuff

#32: Brown Sauce.

The name's almost as unappealing as Salad Cream (which we'll get to later) and doesn't really describe the flavor. To my credit, I did try it. Tastes a lot like vinegar. I didn't like it. Vinegar is a very big flavor here. Americans put vinegar on their fries/chips as well, but where I come from it was usually only at the beach, on their Thrasher's Fries. It's not a normal condiment. But here, it flows like wine on Mt. Olympus.

Of course that the appeal of Brown sauce (btw HP sauce is better than the Heinz stuff) entirely depends upon the food you eat with it. Ideally a full english (breakfast that is) is the way to go about mid-morning following a night out on the beer (Re-reading that comment has made me realise that it is amazing we live over 30 in England sometimes with the stuff we put into our bodies).

Still at least you tried Brown Sauce - It took me ages, at least a year, to get my head around maple syrup and pancakes for breakfast.


Mmmm, brown sauce.

I agree - good for you for trying it. My American husband wouldn't try HP sauce on his English breakfast when he was visiting the UK. He also thought the name was very unappealing too. :P

I hate that stuff.

Why ruin your bacon sarnie with something that looks like runny poo?

A nation that willingly eats grits has no business dissing brown sauce.

All seems very well named to me. A sauce that's brown. Brown Sauce. A perfect coming together of taste and marketing.

And very nice with beans on toast. And pies. Mmmmmm pie.

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