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Sunday, May 08, 2005 

Guy's Campus

King's College reminds me of NYU in the way that it's spread out and dispersed through out the city. There are at least five main campuses: The Strand, Waterloo, St. Thomas Hospital, Guy's Hospital, and Denmark Hill. And then every so often I'll be looking at a map and bam! there's another site I didn't know about.

I work at the Waterloo site, next to Waterloo Station and overlooking the river Thames but I don't live there. I live a mile away at Guy's Hospital, which is a block south of London Bridge. I was upset about this at first, but quickly have grown to love it and now am despondent at the thought of leaving it in five months.

The hospital is a teaching hospital, and was founded in 1721 by Sir Thomas Guy. It used to hold St Thomas hospital, which was founded in the 12th century. It's one of the most famous hospitals in London; Florence Nightingale set up her nursing school there. Guy started his hospital to take in the "incurables" discharged from St. Thomas. St Thomas has since moved over to Lambeth, and now this campus is all Guy's hospital. It is historic and gorgeous.

Ooo, ooo, can't wait to see.

How did you manage to get those pictures and not either see or be in the shadow of the worlds tallest and possibly most depressing looking hospital?

Yea, that thing is atrocious, isn't it? Leaving it out was completely on purpose!

Hi! Thanks for the great i nformation you havr provided! You have touched crucuial points!
Dentist in Waterloo, ON

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