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Thursday, June 30, 2005 


Haven't posted for a bit, and for once it's not due to laziness, but actually to lack of free time. I tell ya, once they issue a press release there's no end to what they want afterwards. But it's all been good.

As for the living situation next year, I know that I mentioned it earlier but didn't explain myself, and some questions were raised, namely, "why would you want to live in South east London again?" My answer is:

1. I work there, and as a student, the less I pay for the outrageous travel costs in this city, the better
2. It's not that bad
3. I've been to East London and Holburn and all that, I don't see a lot of people walking around on the weekend there either

but mainly

4. I've been offered a position as a Senior Student in a dorm across the street from my lab

So my walk to work has been reduced from half and hour to two minutes, plus I get something absurd like £35 a week (!) in a room that costs only about £80 a week to do basically nothing. As I see it, a Senior student is comparable to a American RA, whose primary responsibility is to stop all the underage (which is all the students in the dorms) drinking. As the legal drinking age here is 18, that's clearly not a problem here. I think I just have to quash out of control parties.... Not too bad a gig, as there's a security guard on duty at all times, and he's the one that actually busts them.

You should get out more. There are loads on interesting places to see that would give you a real feel of London life in all it's diversity. What you call East London is the City, East of that is a whole big world of street markets. Try Roman Road on a Saturday or Petticoat Lane, Club Row and Columbia Road on a Sunday. There are village type places like Hampstead and parks - try Hampstead Heath or Greenwich Park for views. Actually, try Greenwich on a Sunday, there's the park the market, the Royal Observatory, the Naval Hospital, Cutty Sark et al and it's only a few minutes away by bus or train. I could go on for hours. The problem is that it's easy to get a bit ghettoised in London and never really get to see what lies beyond your little corner.

Jeez, go easy mate. Clearly, she gets out fine.

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