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Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

East London

I haven't any time here at all, except one goodbye party at a pub walking distance from Liverpool station, one exam invigilation at Bishopsgate, and one walking Jack the Ripper London Walks Tour (which are excellent, btw). So what's with this place? The architecture is cool and some of it's pretty old, but why are flats going for millions of pounds and it's the "hot new place to live"? Doesn't seem like too much goes on there....

East London

This looks like the City, hardly East London at all. You need to head east to find east London, not stay in the centre. Don't forget, London covers 694 square miles, from reading your Blog it seems doubtful that you've rarely ventured beyond zone 1!

Have you been to Brick Lane? Most definitely "happening" there. I wouldn't want to live there though - too much "happening" at times!

east london is so happening - there are bars and shops galore, it is down and dirty, and brilliant for people watching.
I think you are confusing it with the city - which, whilst having an E postcode, is not what people are talking about when they say "east london"

I think the photo is of the shopping "arcade" across from Liverpool Street station, so, yeah, this person has not gotten to East London yet. Bishopgate is as east as you've gotten?

One street over- Commercial St- Indie clubs and fabric shops and cafes.

Two streets over- Brick Lane, umm, Brick Lane is very famous- curry shops, 24 hour bagel shops, clubs galore, art exhibits...

Go further east, on Whitechapel High street(which becomes Mile End Road),
chip shops, cafes, the East London mosque, the Whitechapel Markets

You're not in Kensington anymore, dear. I'm sorry you missed out on the real London. Most Americans do too.

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