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Monday, July 04, 2005 

Happy 4th

Whew! I think that's the first time I've worked on the fourth of July since I was a teenager. A few Brits told me "happy independence day" today, which was nice of them, but not really too much going on for my favorite holiday. [What I believe was] the RAF did do a fly by over London this morning, with red, white, and blue smoke coming out the backs of the jets. I can't find anything about it on BBC or any other news agent, so I'll just assume it was for the good ole USA and leave it at that.

Wish me luck! Tomorrow's my first ever symposium as a future Doc, and I'll be defending my work for the first time. I'm not nervous... Yet.

Be disappointed. The fly past was all about the stuff going on in St James's Park to commemorate the end of WWII.

It would be a bit unlikely we would celebrate the triumphs of a certain gang of terrorists lead by a man called George Washington, who won America's freedom by getting in bed with the French and killing British soldiers. ;)

Monica, sounds like someone is a little bitter that some people got out of this hell hole of an island. Don't worry, not everyone feels that way.

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