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Sunday, July 10, 2005 


If it were at all possible to sum up this week in one word, that word would be:


In a example from my personal point of view, I finally ventured out of my flat yesterday as I had a haircut appointment that could not be cancelled (and hair out of control to boot). I hadn't left my flat for a while as I've been sick with the flu. I get sick about once every three years, and of all weeks..... I down more Advil Cold & Flu (American medicine) than legally advised, swaddled myself as if it were 0 degrees out, and stumbled to the London Bridge tube. Could not board, as it was closed due to bomb threat.

Feeling at bit better now. Looking back though, it's funny the things a disease ridden brain will come up with. Huddled in blankets waiting for the tea kettle, I'd ask flatmates to "put me out of my misery." I sat all the way through Gone in Sixty Seconds. Once I think I even muttered, "I wish I had someone to take care of me... like a boyfriend" !!! I know, but seriously I was deranged.

I was given a TV this week, did I mention it? Ah, the joys of British telly. Soap operas in the afternoon, etc. I did get a kick out of watching a James Bond movie in London but mostly I all week I just lay there, bundled up like a baby Eskimo, absorbed all the news coverage of the events, and whenever they show those poor poor families still searching for their missing, I'd cry.

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