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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 


#39: Different names for the same vegetables.

Eggplant is aubergine, zucchini is courgette, cilantro is coriander. After living in the dorms a while and adjusting to my new kitchen and lack of equipment, I've started cooking again. For months I was cursing the world at being unable to obtain cilantro in this friggin' country. Dumb me. From now on any time I can't find a food I'll check it's name in a thesaurus.

Yeah, I'd be hatin' life if I couldn't find cilantro also.

Just saw this book on Amazon and thought you would get a kick out of it:


Probably best. I've never understood why anyone would name the eggplant, an eggplant.

Ah... That's why I haven't found Eggplant in this country.

Picture the scene:
Me: Mum, I had this really nice stuff in the States called Eggplant.
Mum: Describe it.
Me: [describes]
Mum: Hmmm. Was it aubergine?
Me: No mum, I TOLD you. It was called Eggplant, don't you ever listen?

Cheers Monica ;)

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