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Monday, August 15, 2005 


Five days. Five days of hard core cricket and nothing. Nothing! A tie, a draw. This makes no sense to me as an American. Americans need winners. There has to be a winner. Why on Earth would we bother with something were both parties are the same as when they went in? No, someone needs to win and someone needs to lose. One side should be declared as better than the other. We have overtime, we have extra innings, we have sudden death face off. Why? Why play for five freaking days for no result?

(That was some cracking good cricket though. I mean, for someone who's not into it, I sure thought it was.)

This is only one game in a test series. The series it being played in several 5 day long games, in different places and over a series of weeks. Thus, they have drawn a game, not the whole series. IIRC. It's currently a draw in the series too. The next game is down the road in Oval - an oval being the name for a cricket stadium. Kennington just happens to have the oval after which all the other ones are named.

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