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Monday, August 29, 2005 


Amazing sports day yesterday (watching, not playing. Please.) Obviously, I was on the edge of my seat most of the day with the cricket. It was unbelievable!!!

Then, at 1:30 in the morning (bank holiday!) Channel Five treated me to ESPN Sunday night baseball. Sunday Night Baseball! It was just Phillies at the D’backs but… wow. An enormous wave of homesickness washed over me, and I had felt that in so long, because :

1. It was baseball. There is no baseball here, I’m a huge baseball fan, and no amount of superb and exciting cricket will change that.

2. John Miller was announcing. I know no one in the UK will know who I’m talking about, but hearing his so-familiar voice, stories and jokes really brought me back to being a little girl, listening to the Oriole’s on WBAL.

I never really get homesick anymore because I’ve built a pretty awesome life here and I don’t have the inclination to ever look back. What’s the point? But last night made me realize that I hadn’t been to a single baseball game this year. Not once did I sit in the sun and keep score in my program, not once did I get absolutely hammered with my best friends and/or my dad on a hot summer night at Camden Yards. I never went to the local park to see the Bowie Baysox, I didn’t see a single strikeout, homerun, or double play. I never cursed the Yankees, or took a nap to some boring NL game. I never want hoarse yelling my head off, or stood up and hopped up and down waiting on pins and needles of each ninth inning pitch. Hell, I’ve never even seen a single National play! And I was so startled by that realization that I kind of got upset.

I should feel lucky that I became an ex-pat in these modern times where I can email my friends whenever I want, never miss calls from my mom on my mobile, and use the internet to download anything I want from home. But I don’t; right now I just feel sad.

My brother is a huge Red Sox fan and is attending school in the midwest. His way of seeing the games is to subscrive to mlb.com. It allows him to get the games he wants to see streamed to him on his PC. I'm not sure if this is your fancy, but it works really well for him.

Although, nothing compares to sitting in the stands eating a hot dog and drinking an over-priced beer at Fenway!


PS: I really enjoy your blog. Your observations are humorous and smart!

I am a die hard cricket fan, but came across a news that said...
Baseball national final is happening this weekend in croydon.even though it may not be the same, might be good fun.

Yes, I will definitely be able to download all kinds of Ameri-crap when I move into a place that has internet access (two weeks baby, yea!)

I have made it to a few games this year. I took Violet to one, she loved all of the cheering. It is a bit sad going/watching now after the Raffy incident.....remember whne you won "fan of the game"!!

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