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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 



And I've never been before. Frankfurt to be specific, and only for about 36 hours but you take what you can get. Flights were 1p each way (with taxes total comes to £20) and I've got a couch to crash on. How could I say no?

I don't speak two words of German but I'm told I'll be fine. Gutentag. Wait... no, tot ziens! Wait.... no, auf wiedersehen. Ah, thank goodness for that annoying song from The Sound of Music.

Frankfurt is a good city, if you are flying with RyanAir though beware, it probably takes more time to drive from Hahn (or Frankfurt Hahn as they like to say), than it takes to fly from London to Germany.

Have a good one.


i actually have to say that you're paying too much for your plane ticket to frankfurt. I'll be curious you're opinion of it, but in my euro travels, that's the worst city i've visited.

anyway, stay far away from the hauptbahnhof -- the freaks really come out there at night.


Do phd students make good money in Europe that they can go on random weekend trips to other countries? I know a particular grad student here in the good ole' US of A that doesn't have enough money to get to Delaware.


With fares like you find at www.ryanair.com, it's cheaper to fly from London to Frankfurt than it is to take a bus to the local supermarket.

Haha .. exciting stuff ahead of you! I hope you will have fun and who knows, you might even learn a few more words of German while you are there. Please spill the beans upon your return.

"ich ein beirliner"

(i think that's spelled right)


"Ich bin ein Berliner" is what Kennedy said, when he announced to Germany that he was a doughnut.

"Ich bin Berliner" would have been better, but nowhere near as amusing.

For God's sake don't mention the war.

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