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Sunday, November 13, 2005 


Armistice Day was the 11th, but the pomp and circumstance was today. Tried to fight the crowds to get shots of the parades but was unsucessful. Westminster Abbey was by far the most powerful anyway. Then after the crowds dispersed, I doubled back down Whitehall to check out the Cenotaph and the new Women's WWII memorial. All so beautiful...

How did you make some of the photos black and white?

On my Canon PowerShot S500 Digital Elph, I have the option to take the pictures in a wide range of "effects," B&W, Sepia, Vivid, etc. I don't have a program to alter the photo to B&W after it's been taken, but I'd imagine those are easy to come by.

great photos...

photoshop has an easy one-step process to alter a color pic to a b&w (and you never have to fiddle with your camera to change picture mode).

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