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Friday, November 04, 2005 


Ha. Remember when I thought I could take it easy for a little bit from the whole school thing? Some how I just spent three late nights in a row churning out a report that was finally done and due today. I'm starting to think this is never going to let up....

But now it is November in London. And since this is my second November in London, I'm a bit more wise to some of the going ons particular to this month. Bonfire night's tomorrow, so I'll get to that Sunday. But earlier this week I donated some shrapnel and got my first poppy.

I dig the poppies. I dig that everyone wears them, people in the streets, all the people on the news, athletes, MPs, PM, regular folk, the whole country it seems gets on board. Pretty cool. I purchased mine in Waterloo station. When I did, a nice older gentleman proclaimed, "Oh, look at all the young people joining in, this is wonderful." I giggled girlishly, hee hee he called me young I thought, and then foolishly turned down his offer of a safety pin to attach it to my sweater. It wasn't until I got home and realized I'm not actually adult enough to own the type of clothes that have lapels, let alone holes in their lapels, for which the poppies are clearly designed. So maybe he was right and I'm not nearly as grown-up as I keep thinking I am....

If you read this real fast, it kinda looks like you said, "I got my first poopie".

Yeah, I know.

Poppies rock, though not here in the States, eh.


As a Canadian, I'm quite familiar with the whole poppy thing as we all wear them in November. I think the poppies here are lovely with the leaf and all, I'm not so keen on them being made out of paper. My poor poppy got rained on and not it's all droopy!

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