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Monday, October 17, 2005 


I haven't posted lately because I've been so boring I've just had nothing to go on about (boring not bored; been working my ass off but I imagine that's no so exciting for you to read about). So I thought I'd just reiterate my favorite conversation of the week, amazingly enough not brought about by the current events involving Daniel Craig.

Me: (reading about Pakistani earthquake in the office) Have we pissed God off recently or something?
Gay Mark: Why do you ask?
Me: Well, just tsunamis and hurricanes and now this earthquake.
GM: It's all our fault.
Me: (thinking of global warming) I mean, hurricanes maybe, but we can't cause earthquakes...
GM: Sure we can, haven't you seen all those Bond films?

*raises hand* Ahem, point of information? You posted yesterday.

Elsewhere - similar sentiments. Workload is seriously impacting on the amount of opportunities of interesting/amusing things happening to me of late. I found myself writing about aluminium cans yesterday.

I ask you.

Yes, but merely as a response to a comment, not as to something newsworthy actually happening to me per see. Maybe it's time for you to have another party where you end up underneath your bed again, and invite me this time.

Yes. It has been all of a month hasn't it?

As it happens, plans are afoot. So watch this space. Or my space.

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