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Friday, September 30, 2005 


I’ve been in London one full year!!!

My favorite moments (in no particular order):
1. Crossing Waterloo Bridge with my two bosses while they told me they were applying for a huge grant for my project and the rest of my PhD was paid for
2. Seeing celebrities at Cipriani
3. Every time a co-worker said, "let’s go downstairs for a pint" because no where in America is there a scientific laboratory and a bar in the same building
4. The moment I saw Heather/Debbie/Akash/my family/Sharon emerge from the plane or tube station and being so excited that they loved me enough to visit and taking them to the nearest pub because their vacation became my vacation too
5. Ok, I won’t lie... the naked spa

I’ve been to the following places:
1. Paris, France
2. Lisbon, Portugal
3. Mainz, Germany
4. All over Scotland
5. Kent

Top five statements I’ve made (ranked in order of least likely to ever come out of my mouth):
1. "Oh. Bloody. Fucking. HELL."
2. "Yea, I don’t know what to do now. It’s just all gone Pete Tong."
3. "Actually, the entire process comes about by the evaporation by several volatile excipients, thus increasing the thermodynamic activity of the drug in the system and escalating the flux when compared to the standard, marketed formulation."
4. "Ohhhh, I really fancy a curry."
5. "I’ll have a wifebeater, cheers."

Top five questions I’ve been asked (ranked in order of number of times queried):
1. "Do you think it was right to invade Iraq?"
2. "How on Earth did Bush get reelected?"
3. "Why are Americans so hypocritical?"
4. "Why do Americans think they can act like that and do whatever they want?"
5. "How do you get your teeth so straight and white?" (Seriously.)

Actually, the sixth-most asked question might have to be, "Are you going to go back to the States after you graduate or stay here?" The answer to that is tricky, as a lot of variables come into play that are beyond my control. But I think the answer may very well be, "I’d like to stay..."

Happy anniversary Monica! If you ever want some tips on how to get your teeth yellowed and crooked so you *really* fit in, come to me.

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Congratulations on your first year in blighty. It's been great being able to read your views on living in London. Hope your 2nd year is equally enjoyable and keep enjoying the wifebeater.


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