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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 


Bit of a jolt this morning as I was rolling over to hit "snooze" for the umpteenth time, the DJ is crying out upcoming news or something, "[blah blah] South London, arrest made in Bali bombings, and Jane Goodall questioned for shoplifting."

It took my brain about three seconds to snap into focus, "ahhh, he probably said 'Jane Goody'...." One of these women is one of the world's most successful and beloved scientists while the other is known for showing her "kebab" on British Big Brother.

I love love love British celebrities. Because there's so many of them that are famous for nothing, a higher proportion of famous unemployed than even in the States I think. And while American celebrities are famous everywhere, British celebs are famous only in Britain. Americans know who Kate Moss is but not Sadie Frost, Becks but not Rebecca Loos, and if anyone had ever heard of Jordan I think I'd fall out of my chair. But it's so cute how hard they try and think they matter. I love it! (In fact, #43: British celebs are famous only in the UK.)

Pah! What has Jane Goodall ever done for Bermondsey?

I hope you are not trying to imply that Jade Goody, clearly an integral part of British society, is in some way not important.

That would be very wrong.

I think most guys have heard of Jordan;)

What's not execrable is that the Washington Deadskins are miraculously 3-0... maybe there was too much Monica in DC for them to perform at their top-level!


Hmm, aren't you contradicting yourself a little? If Kate Moss is famous in the US how can 'British celebs only be famous in the UK'? Surely it should be 'SOME' British celebs... And as for all US celebs being known everywhere I reckon about one in a thousand Brits will have heard of (a random selection) Mary Hart, Maury Povich or Vanna White who are exclusively US TV stars. Even Jay Leno. I'm the 1/1000 as I used to live in the US...;-). Huge swathes of US celebs are just not visible here...

How many British people know the identities of participants in the American version of Big Brother?

How many Americans know the identities of the American Big Brother contestants?

Survivor is our Big Brother. I bet most Americans know who Amber and Boston Rob are. The real question is how do I know who Jane Goody is, since her Big Brother was over way before I showed up....

Diamonds will make everything okay. Diamonds!!!! DIAMONDS!!!!

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