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Sunday, October 16, 2005 


CousinDan said...
So, I keep seeing a girl at OSU that looks exactly like you... well, as best I can remember, I haven't seen you in a while. Anyway, you be the judge... separated at birth?

Err, I'm not so sure about that, Danny. There is one actress girl out there who a few people have sworn up and down that I look exactly like, probably most vehemently my own mother. She used to be on Guiding Light or something. I got stopped in a computer lab at NC State nearly a decade ago by a person who insisted that I was this same girl. Right, because when soap stars aren't busy cranking out daily hours of televised crap they hid out in North Carolina campus computers, sweating through Calculus III labs. And since I'll probably never post a photo of myself, I present Ms. Bethany Joy. We actually have the same hair now, so it's a little weird.

Hum, I don't know. She's gotten a lot prettier and ... glossier over the past few years. I'll let the people who've met me dis/agree here. Mum?

Kinda ... I think it was Grandma who thought that ... you're prettier, though.


Oh, OK, I don't know how to make pictures work.

She looks just like you. Period. Except she's got my nose. That's the only difference.


So how about you put up a picture of YOU... because I'm still going off of my memory here, and I think the last time I saw you was about four years ago at Thanksgiving (and I got out of there as fast as I could because... well, because I love my family too much).

i'd agree... there is an uncanny resemblance! well, at least from what i recall from those days when you were "sweating through Calculus III labs"...

--Dan R

So I looked at your pictures and you look a lot different. It's almost like I haven't seen you in awhile or something. I look exactly the same.

Dan R -- c'mon!! You remember MAPLE, right? Or as I like to call it, Hell With Arrows.

Cousin Dan -- I can't be held accountable for my appearance as I slip into old age. You however do not look the same. Your hair has changed a lot. Like, it's grown. On your face.

Hmmm, guess I wasn't the only one who told you that, huh? I can't remember what show it was, it was like 7th Heaven or Gilmore Girls one of those gay shows....

Actually, Alice is now officially the family beauty. (Youth must be served, y'know . . .)

ALSO -- we made the Bowie Blade travel page. Your phone(s) should soon be ringing off their hooks! (Sorry about the anachronism.)


Holy crap mo, that girl looks just like you. I wonder if she laughs at everything too.

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