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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 


A day of victories today, on this date:

1415- Henry V is victorious at the Battle of Agincourt

1869- John Heisman is born, thus spawning an award in his name given to young men showing great capacity for victory in football

1917- The Bolsheviks begin phase two of their revolution, victors against the czars

1922- The Irish victoriously secede from the British, and gain their "freedom to achieve freedom"

2005- Rosa Parks is remembered and the victory she ultimately gave all of us is emphasized again

2005- Plucky young postgrad Monica gives her first PhD presentation to rave reviews! Victory!

Hurrah! This reign of terror the university has had me on since August is finally finished. The viva is done, two massive papers have been finished, and my presentation is completed. I did a solid twenty minutes, didn't really forget anything, and got some excellent questions from the crowd. Afterwards, I was greeted by the other postgrads who all said I did very well, especially the three other newly-minted-second year students of my ilk (yea, gee, thanks for the compliments, all you chickens who refused to go first.)

My supervisor said, "That was a very good presentation, Monica." Trust me, from that man, that is glowing praise.

Hurrah for pluck!

So we get to call you "Dr. Reid" and you'll be coming home soon to take over senior management of a pharmaceuticals giant, chairmanship of the University of Maryland Chemistry Dept. or . . . ??


My guess would be MedPharm USA.

Great stuff! Good to hear it's going well. Knowing friends who have done PhD's, I know it's hard going.

I have to go to my annual appointment at KCL next week... I have a really bad feeling about this trip to Camberwell. :(

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