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Monday, October 31, 2005 


Will someone please please please tell me why this sack of potatoes is "ideal for Halloween"? Black cat? Yes. Candy? Yes. Witch's hat? Yes. Pumpkins? Yes. Potatoes? Uhh..... I turned half of these potatoes into a soup last night, there seemed to be nothing evil or scary about them at all.

Remember that the British still haven't wholly mastered the Halloween concept. Perhaps Sainsbury's thinks potatoes are ideal for handing out to trick-or-treaters.

"Ooh, what a scary monster you are. Here's a potato."

For chucking at the filthy little scrotes that threaten you with violence if you don't give them sweets and/or egg/flour/tp your house, of course :)

They are getting confused with the english celebration night next week, (Guy Faulkes night, fireworks, bonfires etc) when you are meant to be outside in the freezing cold for a period of time, then come in and eat hot food like jacket potatoes. Problem 1 - Halloween involves the eating of loads of sweets so no potatoes required. Problem 2 - it was not cold!

You obviously haven't heard of the dreaded killer/blood-sucking potatoes of York. See Arthur Conan Doyle's "Case of the Terrifying Tuber" -- in libraries everywhere, luv.

What the crap did you you do to your blog? It'll all different and everything switched! Confusing!


Wait until you crap them out!!!

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