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Sunday, October 30, 2005 


Today I arrived at Tesco's in Covent Garden before it opened (damn you, daylight savings time) and therefore had some time to kill. I popped round to St. Paul's (the Church, not the Cathedral mind you) that I've thought always has the cutest looking courtyard but I've never actually entered. So I did. I was pretty surprised at what I saw....

"Huh," I mused. "Maybe this has to do with the proximity of the church to the West End and all the theatres here. Bizarre concept, but still neat...."

Many other thoughts came to mind as I strolled along....

"Tom Jones? Wait, Robbie Williams? What is with these people and their Robbie Williams?? He's not even an actor!"

"Elizabeth Taylor's a Dame?"

"Peter O'Toole isn't even an O.B.E.?? Jeez, what's a fella gotta do to get a piece of that action?"

"OH MY GOD." I'm so happy that out there, somewhere on this planet, there is a church with the words "The Sex Pistols" emblazoned in front of it. So happy.

St. Pauls Covent Garden, is also known as the Actors Church. This is the church where any memorial service to any dead actors takes place. More info here http://www.actorschurch.org/

However, I agree, not all the names are worthy of being put in this location.

Robbie played Dougal in the Magic Roundabout so technically he is an actor.....


Here's why I like Robbie Williams: Every time he shows up on some American program, he makes fun of the interviewer. I like Hugh Grant for the same reason.

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