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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 


So I redid the old blogeroo. I thought that, despite evidence to the contrary (going to uni, living in a dorm with nineteen year olds, not owning a car, not having a proper job, still enjoying afternoon naps whenever I can) I am steadfastly becoming an adult (pushing on 29 now) and thus I needed a more "adult" looking blog.

What do you think? (And please be kind, this took like an hour to whip up.)

Woah. Snazzy! Really like it!

I'm too old to deal with change.

Personally, I prefer the old, fun blog better. I like the old dots in the background and the colors. But you could do the whole damn thing in UNC sissy blue and I'd still read every word. You're just too funny!

Love ya!
~ Heather

Cool! I really like the orange-and-charcoal theming. The stars are a nice touch too. Maybe too many horizontal lines though, they distract a little too much - also why is the header background red when nothing else is? Hey, it'll grow on me though.

Yes, I agree on the red thing. I thought I was getting a red and black theme, and then after I did it this orange and blue (in the background) showed up. Hmmm. Maybe I can fix some of that. The stars were the selling point for me, so I can't really complain about anything else!

i like it. i think the stars go really well with your "Players" post too.

Naah. Too "official," too "businesslike," too "masculine." The old format was softer, easier, friendlier, more inviting. The old one looked like a clever greeting card; this one looks like a corporate report.

-- Popster

You should have gone with some sort of look that incorporated cartoon characters or low-quality pop stars. Nothing's more adult than a massive picture of the SugaBabes as your header.

That's ironic, on Tuesday evening I re-arranged the furniture in my place. Perhaps we are on some cosmic mental plane.

Probably not, though.

...at least finally trees are good for something. Instead of just standing around like JERKS!

I like the new layout. :)

i think it looks good, rather stylish :)

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