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Saturday, January 07, 2006 


Yesterday I was feeling a little nauseous. I thought it was from the nasty flight, lack of sleep, and disruption in my feeding schedule. Today I am violently ill and bedridden. Have no idea what is going on but if it keeps up at this pace, I may very well have my first NHS A&E experience before too long.

Something, however, has kept me mildly amused throughout the day. Channel Two has been broadcasting competitive darts almost all day. Yes, I typed that correctly: darts. Yes, darts. Yes, that activity where you throw sharp things at a corkboard and keep score. (#45.)

American's have an abundance of professional league sports, too many for us to watch and keep track of I think: basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer. Throw in college and women leagues and have nearly unlimited options. The British seem to have a special fondness for what I would call, "bar sports," like pool and snooker. American's do not broadcast hours of snooker on the weekends..... Well, we do have bowling and that is lame, I will admit.

This is hilarious. Two men throw darts, start with 501 points, and the first to get down to exactly zero wins. There are announcers, commentators, spectators (with signs!!), split camera screens, and slo-mo instant replay! Of a guy throwing a dart! Oof, my tummy hurts when I laugh.

Sorry to hear you feel ill. It sounds like you may be pregnant.

Of course, now we get hours and hours of poker on at least 2 sports channels. Have you seen the slo-mo of a guy turning a card over??

Do they use magnetic darts? Now THAT would be worth watching! Think of all the crazy things that could happen with magnetic darts. Word to the wise... DON'T WEAR EARINGS!!! ;o)

~ Heather

You really should get yourself signed on with a G.P!

Rather than going to a hospital A&E, go to the NHS drop in centre in Soho Square. No appointment needed. and outside of you arriving unconscious in an ambulance, the wait at St Thomas's or wherever will be very very long. If you want advice as to what to do, you can always call NHS Direct - 0845 4647. You'll get to speak to a nurse practitioner, who will be able to tell you whether you should be worried or whether you really need to see a quack.

I personally love that they will put sheep-herding on television. No, really. I saw it on BBC 2.

It's called 'One man and his dog' and it's a national institution!


Seems like sickness and air travel are becoming more constant companions. I've read more than once where planes are getting "sicker" because airlines are cutting back on the amount of fresh air they circulate . . . in order to save money. I'm clueless on this, since I always thought air was free (until Wal-Mart figures out a way to package it). Anyhoo -- I sure have known a lot of people come down with something after a long flight (one of which yer mum and I are taking this weekend -- to see the New House! Wish us luck!)

I was watching tv with an american visitor when One Man and his Dog came on. She was truly gobsmacked. It was so weird and quaint, but made even weirder by high tech computer graphics and slo mo replays.

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