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Friday, January 27, 2006 


London is freezing. You know it's too damn cold when I won't even go to the store round the corner, and am forced to purchase milk out of my building's vending machine:

I've never in my life seen this before. And it tastes funny. "UTH" appears to stand for "Ultra Heat Treated" but I think it stands for "pasteUrized all To Hell."

Can't believe a hardy American Miss finds our UK winter temperatures any way cold.

My Bro in Chicago doesn't even
wear gloves till skin freezes to metal car (auto) handles.

I always wonder exactly how DO they make milk last that long? And how can it possibly be good for you?!

Theres not a chance in hell I'd ever be drinking it or putting it on my cereal, but as a student its good to keep in the fridge for cups of tea, because it doesn't go off :)

Oh my gosh...I'd forgotten about UHT milk! I lived in Scotland for a year in college and bought the stuff in bulk because it was so incredibly cheap. (And easy to store in nice little stacks in my armoire!) I could never drink it straight, always had to add chocolate Nesquik to it, but then it was fine. :)


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